enero 13, 2014

Faux fur | El chaleco

Hi everyone!!! First of all Happy Monday! and second of all, Hoping you like the new image of StylemeZu!’s blog. | Hola a todas y todos!!, primero que todo Feliz Lunes aunque sea Lunes, y segundo que todo espero de todo corazón les haya gustado…

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enero 06, 2014

Tartan shirt (Lumberjack) | Doña Leñadora

Welcome back everyone…It’s time to do what we like to do, talk about fashion. I know I pointed out something about the cotton tartan shirt and now I’m going to show you one way to wear it that will make you look different but pretty….

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diciembre 30, 2013

Second month | Segundo mes

Thanks everyone for following me, for reading my posts!!! It means a lot to me, so i put together the pictures from this month, we work really hard for this and I hope you like it! Gracias a todas las personas que leen mis publicaciones,…

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diciembre 23, 2013

Casual but Fancy | Casual pero Elegante

YES! You better watch out!, Santa Claus is coming to town! Happy Monday everyone. We had a really nice weekend, the weather was lovely, but I’m not a weather woman, so Let’s start talking fashion! | Si señoras y señoras, ya se esta acabando el año. Feliz…

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diciembre 16, 2013

2 Ways | 2 Maneras

Hi everyone I wish you an amazing Monday, when you wake up and look at you in the mirror SMILE, smile and smile, it’s a really good therapy for this bad mood syndrome on Monday’s.| Hola a todas espero que empiecen este lunes con la mejor energy…

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diciembre 09, 2013


 Hello everybody!!! Happy holidays my little fish in a skirt. Xmas is getting closer and you gotta be ready for the parties. Temperature is dropping, it was a pretty cold weekend but I don’t care I think fashion is lovely with coats, blazers and hats…

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diciembre 02, 2013


Welcome back to the wild work of fashion survivors. This post is about fake leather, maybe it’s not as good as real leather but who cares, damn girl is cheaper!. We are having a money situation in here which it’s not a sin, it’s just…

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noviembre 27, 2013


Hi everybody, today I’m going to say thank you, because without you, I wouldn’t be doing this blog. Well now I am going to show you the summary of the photo-shoot of this month, thank you for reading and for follow, you can give a…

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noviembre 25, 2013


Aloha pretty ladies! Today is Monday, I know I shouldn’t remind you, but I have to, because on Monday’s I post pictures with my favorite outfits. Today I am going to talk about leggins, It is a pretty dangerous piece, you gotta be careful my friend,…

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noviembre 18, 2013


Hi everybody on this beautiful day, I would like to share with you some fashion pictures. The location where we decided to take those pictures is in Ridgefield CT, it’s a casual and amazing place with some shops and restaurants around where we knew my…

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noviembre 04, 2013


  T-shirt: Marshall’s | Coat: H&M | Jeans: Levi’s | Purse: Vintage from my Mom | Necklace: LOFT | Boots: Nine West | Rings: Forever 21 and H&M It started to be freezing, my photographer and I were suffering, but it doesn’t look like, anyways…

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octubre 28, 2013


This look is really trendy, the top its a dress and the skirt is it as well, the only thing you have to do it’s turn the top of the dress-skirt inside down so nobody que notice, of course you have to try to find…

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