abril 27, 2014

Black and silver | Negro y plateado

Ooh la la! Since the weather is getting better and nicer…I got the chance of wearing comfortable clothes! It’s not like I don’t like Coats and Jackets, I do love them, but that winter was Killing me softly!!!! …  Uh la la!!!! hola a todas…

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abril 21, 2014

Sweet Disaster | Un dulce desastre

This is a new outfit full of color, fruits and happiness, spring and summer colors! don not feel afraid to mix match! | Nuevo atuendo con colores que motivan a snorer y ser felices! (asi o mas positiva) Those shoes are really confortable!!! SUPERGA SHOES!…

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abril 14, 2014

Iridescent | Iridiscente

Hellooooooo everyone!!!! how is everything??? I hope everything is going perfectly fine so far…new photo shoot!!! oooh yeah!, what is the topic?…iridescent, it is something like is getting powerful in the fashion market since couple seasons ago! I know it must be weird buying something…

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abril 09, 2014

Animal Print | Leopardo

Oh yeah! new outfit! about animal print, I only have one important thing to say: DO NOT GET AFRAID OF IT!!! Try it – try it – try it! 🙂 | Nuevo outfit!!! estampado de leopardo! si senoras no le tengan miedo que no muerdeeee!!…

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abril 02, 2014

Cropped top | Top corto

Hello ladies!!!!! i have a new outfit for today!!!! | Hola a mis queridas lectoras!!! hoy tengo un nuevo atuendo!!!! espero les guste. Photographer: Celina de Jesus – check her blog: |  Fotos por Celina de Jesus, mira su blog Yes! sneakers with a skirt and…

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marzo 25, 2014

Black High heels | Tacones perfectos

Hello everyone!, today is WEDNESDAY we are in the middle of this amazing week!…Today I’ll talk about high heels, but why high heels?, because even if you don’t think in that way, high heels are one of the most important part of an outfit, yes!…

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marzo 17, 2014

Pea coat + Sport flats | Deportiva pero elegante!

Hello everyone!!!! MONDAY AGAIN! Grrr Grrr Grrreat! – Today I have a new outfit for you and also I have 1 recommendations with sequins and 1 tip for this season! | Hola a todos y todas!!! Es Lunes, IN-CRE-I-BLE – Hoy tengo 1 recomendación acerca…

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marzo 09, 2014

February | Sesiones fotográficas en Feb

  Hello everyone!!! It’s Monday and today i got the photoshoot for the last month!!! | Hola a todos y todas las seguidoras adorables de StylemeZu!, hoy es Lunes y les tengo el resumen de las sesiones fotográficas del ultimo mes, si no las vieron…

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marzo 02, 2014

Lumberjack jacket | Chaqueta leñadora

Ladies!!!! How is live going after a crazy weekend?? I hope really well…LET’S TALK ABOUT FASHION! | Hola a todas mis seguidoras y no seguidoras, espero que la vida las este tratando de maravilla después del fin de semana… ahora HABLEMOS DE MODA! Today I’m…

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febrero 24, 2014

School girl or Cool girl | Como niña de colegio!

  Alohaaaa to everyoneeeee!!! I’m so excited because is Monday and that means we got a photoshoot!! uh la la! | Holaaaa a todas y todos, estoy mu contenta porque es Lunes, si! Lunes, solo porque los lunes publico fotos con nuevos atuendos, uh la…

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febrero 17, 2014

Stripe issue| Rayando tu vida

Hello people!. Everybody must be soooo happy because is Monday!!! Oh yeah! Monday…anyways let’s talk about fashion…that’s why i’m here for. | Hola seguidores y seguidoras. Todo el mundo debe estar muy contento de que sea Lunes, ooooh si ooooh Dios, es Lunes! en fin,…

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febrero 04, 2014

January pictures | Fotos de Enero

Hi everyone! Since we’ve been working really hard for this blog I’m going to show you today the 4 photo shots  we took on January!!! The weather is giving us a really hard time but I would do everything for you my marvelous followers!! I…

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