agosto 25, 2014


hello everyone, this is a new outfit, with the tips and recommendations in our home-made-radio-station! ooh la la!!! – with just now click. Hola a todas y todos, este es el nuevo atuendo, los tips y consejos están en la emisora-hecha-en-casa de stylemezu!!! 🙂 espero les…

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agosto 19, 2014


Hello everybody! this is a new outfit!!! | Hola a todas las hermosas hermosas hermosas seguidoras de stylemezu!, aca les traigo un nuevo atuendo con uno que otro tip! Well, I tried to get a CHANEL inspiration, how can you get that result?, you need…

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agosto 12, 2014

New Outfit / Nuevo Atuendo

hello everybody, i just got a new photoshoot in Colombia, this place is a very very quaint Colombia typical house in a little town, an our away from the city. I hope you guys like it! | Hola a todos! por fin tengo otra session…

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julio 24, 2014

New Outfit | Nuevo Atuendo!

This idea came out of a runway for fall 2014 BURBERRY PRORSUM! The scarf goes under the belt! BEAUTIFUL! and it is actually and amazing idea! / Esta idea la saque de la pasarela de BURBERRY PRORSUM otoño 2014, la bufanda va amarrada bajo el…

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junio 30, 2014

Sweat pants + blazer + blouse= Awesome | Sudadera + blazer + blusa = Impresionante

Hello everyone! this is a new photoshot! This outfit was a great idea! it’s casual but not casual! how is that? I don’t even know how to explain it but you can wear it in so many occasions!!! Just try it! try new ideas, be…

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junio 16, 2014

Print + print | estampado + estampado

Alohaaaaa from here to there!!! Here it is the new post…sometimes print is really complicated so we rather wear print and solid! which is perfectly fine! but sometimes its good if you take the risk and try print over print! as the following outfit!!! |…

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junio 09, 2014

Keep it simple | Siendo sencillas

Alohaaaaaaa from Awesomeness! – New outfit, I decided to keep it simple, but always with charm and magic in some details!!! | Buenas, buenas las tengan las lectoras adorables de llegando y empezando la semana con un nuevo atuendo, siendo sencillas pero siempre con…

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mayo 12, 2014

Hat + blazer + good attitude | Sombrero + blazer + buena actitud

New outfit! here we go again!!!  | Nuevo atuendo!!!  Any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a message or a comment! 🙂 | Cualquier duda, inquietud, queja o reclamo por favor no duden en dejar un msj o comentario!!!  Blazer: LOFT | Button down shirt:…

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mayo 05, 2014

Overall | Overol

HELLO!!! Happy Monday!!! new outfit, with and OVERALL or jumpsuit…I already had a post with the IMPORTANT information about this piece! so check it out here: OVERALL | BUENAS BUENAS!!! Feliz Lunes!!! Nuevo atuendo, tema principal el OVEROL…Ya existe una publicación con respecto a este tema y…

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abril 27, 2014

Black and silver | Negro y plateado

Ooh la la! Since the weather is getting better and nicer…I got the chance of wearing comfortable clothes! It’s not like I don’t like Coats and Jackets, I do love them, but that winter was Killing me softly!!!! …  Uh la la!!!! hola a todas…

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abril 21, 2014

Sweet Disaster | Un dulce desastre

This is a new outfit full of color, fruits and happiness, spring and summer colors! don not feel afraid to mix match! | Nuevo atuendo con colores que motivan a snorer y ser felices! (asi o mas positiva) Those shoes are really confortable!!! SUPERGA SHOES!…

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abril 14, 2014

Iridescent | Iridiscente

Hellooooooo everyone!!!! how is everything??? I hope everything is going perfectly fine so far…new photo shoot!!! oooh yeah!, what is the topic?…iridescent, it is something like is getting powerful in the fashion market since couple seasons ago! I know it must be weird buying something…

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