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Tartan shirt (Lumberjack) | Doña Leñadora

Welcome back everyone…It’s time to do what we like to do, talk about fashion. I know I pointed out something about the cotton tartan shirt and now I’m going to show you one way to wear it that will make you look different but pretty. I know, it looks kind of manly but with the…

Second month | Segundo mes

Second month | Segundo mes

Thanks everyone for following me, for reading my posts!!! It means a lot to me, so i put together the pictures from this month, we work really hard for this and I hope you like it! Gracias a todas las personas que leen mis publicaciones, que me siguen en mis redes sociales y que compartir…

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Casual but Fancy | Casual pero Elegante

YES! You better watch out!, Santa Claus is coming to town! Happy Monday everyone. We had a really nice weekend, the weather was lovely, but I’m not a weather woman, so Let’s start talking fashion! | Si señoras y señoras, ya se esta acabando el año. Feliz Lunes para todos. Este fin de semana el clima estuvo…

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2 Ways | 2 Maneras

Hi everyone I wish you an amazing Monday, when you wake up and look at you in the mirror SMILE, smile and smile, it’s a really good therapy for this bad mood syndrome on Monday’s.| Hola a todas espero que empiecen este lunes con la mejor energy yogistica, cuando te levantes mirage al espejo y sonrie, sonrie y…

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 Hello everybody!!! Happy holidays my little fish in a skirt. Xmas is getting closer and you gotta be ready for the parties. Temperature is dropping, it was a pretty cold weekend but I don’t care I think fashion is lovely with coats, blazers and hats on.   Hola a todas y todos!!!. Navidad se acerca…

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